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Australian Fishing Articles : River and Reef

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Jan 10, 2005, 11:35

Australian Fishing Articles : Go Fish Australia
Original Gofishaustralia

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May 18, 2004, 12:12

Australian Fishing Articles : Go Fish Australia
Pink Things and Cold Beers

At first impression Graham seemed to be friendly and confident of himself. "G'day Graham nice to meet you" I said before asking him to come up on to the verandah of a friends Darwin residence. It was not long after we started talking that he said "I've got my tying box in the car do you want me to tie a couple up". "Do fish pass wind? You bet" I replied. "doyuawannabeer?" "ohyeaillhavabeer" he said on the way down the stairs. On a hot steamy November afternoon in the Northern Territory cold beer is a pleasure but this day just an added bonus to having the opportunity to chat and meet with Graham White. Graham is the bloke whom came up with the Pink Thing Fly amongst other things and is one of the quiet gentleman and achievers of the sport. Graham has a wealth of knowledge about Australian Flyfishing and fish the extends back beyond the day I was born. Listening to him recite stories of days gone by as he tied a couple of his trademark flies was a an absolute pleasure. Graham accomodated me further by letting me video tape him tying the "Pink Things" that now reside in my flybox. This fella can fish and several highly respected anglers in our country will concur. I was blown away with fish stories,facts and figures that are still rattling in my head. His missed encounter with a Bonefish at Elizabeth Bay in 1975 was one of the stories I sucked up with the XXXX Gold and this was chased down with a rundown of the stomach contents of a recent Bonefish captured in the same area. Rather than try and retell the tale of how the Pink Thing came to be Graham was kind enough to provide me with his own story and the secrets to the fly thats caught more Barra's than most in Australia.

May 17, 2004, 20:10

Australian Fishing Articles : Go Fish Australia
Tropical North Australia
Once again the folks from Far North Tropical Queensland came to Seattle and this time there were no blokes called "Bruce" to be seen. They sent the prettiest of all The Great Barrier Reef Dory's across the Pacific to tell of us the latest and greatest happenings back at home. It is not all fun,tight lines and big fish here at GOFISHAUSTRALIA....We have to do some research on>>>

May 17, 2004, 20:04

Australian Fishing Articles : Go Fish Australia
Ski Boat Magazine
Ski Boat magazine has been African anglers information center for a long time and has always had some Australian ties. My friend and old time Lizard Island Marlin deckie/captain Andy Vinicombe was a Ski Boat Magazine fanatic and even kept a South African made Ski Boat at the "ROCK". Andy was mentioned in this publication on many a occasion and this was often in reference to Giant Black Marlin. Well Ski Boat Magazine editor Dave Rorke (Dave and Kate's father Van kept in occasional contact during ownership of Fly fishing In Saltwaters) has done it again for Australian fishing. The last two editions have had articles on Australian Marlin fishing and rigging techniques.

May 17, 2004, 20:00


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