Destination Overviews : Cape York, QLD

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Destination Overviews : Cape York, QLD
Cape York Overview
Cape York and the Gulf Savannah are the last Australian frontier. Located on the northern most tip of Australia, Cape York Peninsula is a wild and sparsely populated wilderness area and is only accessible during the dry months of April to December. Its rugged coastline points towards New Guinea while the eastern side of Cape York is fringed by the coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef.

The seemingly undeveloped land of Cape York will surprise and delight. The dusty tracks contrast dramatically with the abundant river systems, crystal clear creeks and spectacular waterfalls. This is a vast area of unexplored wilderness, magnificent national parks, sacred Aboriginal sites, unexplored rainforest, rugged mountains and swampy marshlands. This is a land of climatic extremes where the creeks run dry, or ten feet high.

If you love, wildlife, fishing or birdwatching then Cape York is the place for you. The Cape York region is one of the largest wilderness areas in the world that remains relatively untouched, maintaining its original beauty and variety of sights. You'll be amazed by the 40,000 year old tradition and culture of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders - Australia's Indigenous people. See the unique wildlife including kangaroos and the unusual dugongs. With all this untamed beauty the area offers an escape from the man-made pressures of the city.

You can discover Cape York in a variety of ways. Travel by four wheel drive to the very tip of Australia or for our clients ply the waters of both the west and east shores in the luxury and home away from home comfort of the mothership "Tropic Paradise". Please use the navigation to find out more about these trips.

Cape York, Australia

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