Destination Overviews : Northern Territory

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Last Updated: Jan 4th, 2011 - 12:57:00

Destination Overviews : Northern Territory
NT Overview

The Northern Territory is the quintessential Australian experience.  It’s an enormous wedge of dramatic landscape, roughly the combined size of Spain, France and Italy, which hosts a diverse profusion of wildlife.
The journey from the southern border to the northern tip winds through a gradually unfolding landscape.  It begins in the vibrant red desert of Central Australia, passes through grassy savannah plains and ends abruptly at the palm-fringed shores of the Timor Sea.

You’ll find some of the world’s best fishing spots here in the Northern Territory. It is one of the world's greatest wilderness areas were you have access to a multitude of wonderful locations that provide a variety of fishing experiences.

Whether you want to throw a line in a river or billabong, try your luck in our warm ocean waters or just spend some time fishing in the amazing surrounds of World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park, you’re spoilt for choice in the Northern Territory.

You don’t need to travel far off the beaten track for bites either- Darwin Harbour is full of exotic fish but those seeking adventure can head into Arnhem Land, down the Victoria River or into the Gulf Region for an unforgettable fishing expedition.
The possibilities are endless in one of the world’s best fishing Territories.

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