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Last Updated: Jan 4th, 2011 - 12:57:00

Destination Overviews : Northern Territory
NT Overview

The Northern Territory is the quintessential Australian experience.  It’s an enormous wedge of dramatic landscape, roughly the combined size of Spain, France and Italy, which hosts a diverse profusion of wildlife.
The journey from the southern border to the northern tip winds through a gradually unfolding landscape.  It begins in the vibrant red desert of Central Australia, passes through grassy savannah plains and ends abruptly at the palm-fringed shores of the Timor Sea.

You’ll find some of the world’s best fishing spots here in the Northern Territory. It is one of the world's greatest wilderness areas were you have access to a multitude of wonderful locations that provide a variety of fishing experiences.

Whether you want to throw a line in a river or billabong, try your luck in our warm ocean waters or just spend some time fishing in the amazing surrounds of World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park, you’re spoilt for choice in the Northern Territory.

You don’t need to travel far off the beaten track for bites either- Darwin Harbour is full of exotic fish but those seeking adventure can head into Arnhem Land, down the Victoria River or into the Gulf Region for an unforgettable fishing expedition.
The possibilities are endless in one of the world’s best fishing Territories.

Feb 17, 2005, 21:45

Destination Overviews : Great Barrier Reef, QLD
Great Barrier Reef Overview
The waters of the Great Barrier Reef provide the world's busiest and most varied marine habitats. Marine life is in abundance. From the many species of coral to the sought after Black Marlin and all sizes and species of fish in-between. The varied colours of the reef's fish and other marine life will astound the visitor with colour combinations that artists haven't even dreamed of.It is the largest of the world’s 552 World Heritage Areas, covering 347,000 km There are more than 2800 catalogued reefs in the area. By clicking the map or link you can download a PDF to explore its waters from Fraser Island & Fredericks Reef to the top of cape York at Bamaga
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Feb 9, 2005, 21:22

Destination Overviews : Cape York, QLD
Cape York Overview
Cape York and the Gulf Savannah are the last Australian frontier. Located on the northern most tip of Australia, Cape York Peninsula is a wild and sparsely populated wilderness area and is only accessible during the dry months of April to December. Its rugged coastline points towards New Guinea while the eastern side of Cape York is fringed by the coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef.

The seemingly undeveloped land of Cape York will surprise and delight. The dusty tracks contrast dramatically with the abundant river systems, crystal clear creeks and spectacular waterfalls. This is a vast area of unexplored wilderness, magnificent national parks, sacred Aboriginal sites, unexplored rainforest, rugged mountains and swampy marshlands. This is a land of climatic extremes where the creeks run dry, or ten feet high.

If you love, wildlife, fishing or birdwatching then Cape York is the place for you. The Cape York region is one of the largest wilderness areas in the world that remains relatively untouched, maintaining its original beauty and variety of sights. You'll be amazed by the 40,000 year old tradition and culture of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders - Australia's Indigenous people. See the unique wildlife including kangaroos and the unusual dugongs. With all this untamed beauty the area offers an escape from the man-made pressures of the city.

You can discover Cape York in a variety of ways. Travel by four wheel drive to the very tip of Australia or for our clients ply the waters of both the west and east shores in the luxury and home away from home comfort of the mothership "Tropic Paradise". Please use the navigation to find out more about these trips.

Cape York, Australia

Feb 8, 2005, 14:43

Destination Overviews
Australian Overview
Australia America Fishing Connections has many fishing options avaliable to the Australian bound angler.
With a vast range of angling challenges that range from dry fly fishing Brown Trout in the Tasmanian Central Highlands to chasing Giant Black Marlin on the Great Barrier Reef. In between Australia offers many light tackle and flyfishing opportunities. Barramundi fishing in the wilds of the Northern Territory , flyfishing for a multitude of different species on remote CapeYorks flats and its estuaries the same can be offered around the World Heritage listed Fraser Island. Billfishing with all types of tackle including flyfishing is also exceptional and has a season that runs near all year dependant on location and species. Freshwater options are growing every day with many dams and waterways having stocking groups whom work hard to offer tremendous and different angling opportunities. Often these dams are in the real sunburnt country with unique Australian backdrops, rich local flavors and come complete with genuine Aussie characters whom live and fish there. Barramundi are now available in locations in Queensland previously not holding any real angling options.

We at AAFC specialize in full custom trips from a week to a month and can in addition to your fishing trip preference organize all air accommodations, hire cars and side excursions. Want to climb Sydney Harbor Bridge or Uluru, relax at the opera or rock out with the locals, pat a Kangaroo or sight a crocodile, buy some Aboriginal art or a Aussie Opal we can arrange it..Your trip is what it is YOURS and we do our best to make it so. You may also like to join us on any of OUR trips.From time to time we also host small exclusive groups where we all decide the program . These are fun and new found friends are many! This year I will once again be inviting fellow flyfisherman into Arnhem Land to further explore the fishing at the "Koolatong Camp" and other new adventures. Please look at the options listed on the left hand menu and sample some of the fishing options available. You may also click on the map above to take you to a larger Australian map were you can navigate directly to fishing destinations.

Feb 7, 2005, 22:39


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